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Helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential by building a world that works for all of us through leadership, advocacy, and equity.  

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I am an award-winning advocate and change agent with 30+ years of experience transforming organizations and changing minds. I am an entrepreneur, administrator, coalition builder, problem solver, leader, grant maker, advisor, fundraiser, grant writer, lobbyist, salesperson, marketer, and director. I stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate change for businesses, community-based agencies, and societal issues. I am passionate about health and reducing inequity for all people.


I use my unique combination of public policy, business, and creative skills to build connections to change minds and influence positive outcomes. I have extensive experience with and passion for helping individuals and the collective's ability to solve significant problems and optimize results for school health centers, foster care programming, end of life options, insurance coverage, public benefit program process improvement, federally qualified health centers, rural residency training programs, immunization coalitions, youth services, obesity prevention/healthy lifestyle promotion, early childhood health and education, children's healthcare quality, food and hunger access, and opportunities for small businesses to expand and be heard.


I serve on local and national boards of directors to help organizations grow and prosper and volunteer my time to improve the community where I live, work, and play. I am a skilled and practical leader with infectious energy devoted to building strategic partnerships to advance equity, while improving the health and well-being for all people.  


Meet The Team 


Kerrie Newell

Kerrie Newell is an experienced meeting professional that has been in the Meeting and Event Management industry for 20+ years. Let this versatile, and purposeful professional with proven skills and track record help you in all aspects of your meeting, tradeshow, conference, and/or virtual meeting. The cornerstone of Kerrie’s work style is her philosophy that puts clients first, exceeding expectations and building long-term relationships. Her core values of respect and trust carry over into her work every day. 

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Tonia Batogowski

Tonia Batogowski is an entrepreneur and driven professional with significant marketing, strategy, planning, and implementation experience earned at the agency, corporate, small business and non-profit environments. She enjoys opportunities that allow her to leverage her skills in project management, customer acquisition, and her communications expertise in writing and research with significant social media and website expertise.  She is married to her husband, Dean and has three children ages Katelyn 16,  Connor 14, and Zoe 12.

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Ann Macdonald

Ann Macdonald is an award-winning Creative Director who has worked with clients like GE, Cartoon Network, Walmart, Sam's Club, the TSA, and even the FBI. Ann loves bringing emotionally impactful and inspiring brands to life, whether working independently or leading a team.  Design that works is always rooted in a creative strategy with a solid foundation built with care and consistency. Ann can manage, lead, and execute projects in all facets of brand development and maintenance.

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Candice Warltier

Candice Warltier, CEO of our partnering agency CS-Effect and her team, create integrated communication strategies and provide comprehensive services, including public relations, market research, digital content, social media, influencer relations, issues management, member engagement, SEO consultation and more. We have a broad client base, including mid-sized companies and associations in a variety of industries spanning from healthcare to education to professional services.

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The Team

What We Do

Whether you are a start-up, small business, non-profit, or corporate organization, Ann Marchetti & Co. can help you: 

Create Business Optimization

As a former Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President, Ann understands how orchestrating smooth and efficient operations including finance, human resources, marketing, programming, and governance must all work together to accomplish an organization's mission. Let Ann Marchetti & Co. engage your team in a series of deliberate action steps using a combination of complementary strategies such as -- assessments, strategic planning, training, technical assistance, coaching, resource development, and evaluation to identify goals to develop a masterplan for the future. 

Host & Plan Events 

Ann Marchetti & Co. has extensive experience designing  and executing fundraising activities and public events including major national conferences and trainings. Let Ann and her team assist your business, consistent with your targeted interests, to raise needed funds and sponsorships, increase sales and marketing, and ensure flawless logistics and venue selection while achieving your desired outcomes.

Build Strategic Coalitions & Partnerships

With 25+ years of experience building and maintaining diverse, multi-faceted relationships with partners across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, Ann Marchetti & Co. can help your organization build partnerships and cultivate meaningful relationships with key individuals including business leaders, senior level executives, political figures, high net worth individuals, and concerned citizens while developing strategies that consider and synthesize multiple perspectives into a coherent big-picture strategy and cohesive plan. ​

Enhance Sales & Marketing

Let Ann and her team of communications specialists develop and direct your media campaigns and marketing efforts at the national, state, and local levels. Areas of specialty include communications planning, media relations, press releases, media spokesperson training, and implementing social media plans and strategies. 

 Direct Special Projects
Build Cultural Capacity

Workplace belonging has never been more important. Let Ann Marchetti & Co. assist your organization in establishing more effective ways to attract, retain, engage, and enable a diverse workforce while fostering  belonging and a higher degree of cultural competence in equity as a core value. We will engage your employees and teams in a series of conversations and activities that will uncover and explore individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, and behaviors that will create awareness, shifts in mindset, new skills, and tools to create an equitable and diverse culture. 

Write Grants & Fundraise

As a former Development Director and Program Administrator, Ann Marchetti can help your team identify strategic needs, explore resources and achieve revenue growth between 25 to 500% through grant writing, strategic partnerships, sponsor applications and creative financing in order to increase funding and human capitol. Let us help you expand your financial base to ensure long-term organizational sustainability.

Develop Sustainable Programs

Programs that incorporate stakeholders into the design process and promote public awareness, goal development, coordinated implementation, and measurement will result in long-term, sustainable outcomes.  Implementation of sustainable programs can be challenging, especially when starting from scratch. Let Ann Marchetti & Co. help you develop and implement new programs, processes, and projects into a coordinated plan by securing resources for strategic goals and advocating for scalable solutions.

Conduct Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and transactions are critical moments for businesses. Let Ann Marchetti & Co. help guide your company's leadership through a strategic valuation and business modeling process to increase your focus, strategic direction, and plans for the future impact of your business.

Advocate for Desired Outcomes

Let Ann and her team of  specialists develop and direct plans for any one time special project needing delicate attention and energy. No project is too big or small. Areas of specialty include high level management and planning,  designing new programs, collaborating with stakeholders, researching designs and outcomes, and public relations to garner support.

As a registered lobbyist and long time advocate, Ann knows how to strategically and tactfully work in partnerships to advance your business position to achieve your desired goals and outcomes at the national, state, and local levels.  Areas of specialty include preparation and planning activities, research and mobilization of like-minded individuals.  


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Recommended by the Best:

Angel Cicerone

Author, President Tenant Membership

“Ann has the ability to keep all the different factions of an organization on the same page and navigate the politics.”
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